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Redistricting 2020

Redistricting 2020

For all redistricting information, please visit our Redistricting 2020 website

An imbalance in elementary school enrollment among the three elementary schools necessitated a review of school attendance areas in 2016. At that time, the community experienced the widest disparity in elementary school student enrollments in over 50 years. Due to this disparity in elementary enrollment, anticipated future enrollment levels at each elementary school, and a commitment to equitable educational programming and services, a shift in school attendance boundaries is required. The School Board is expected to make a redistricting decision at its October 22, 2019, meeting for August 2020 implementation.

School Board Seeks Redistricting 2020 Input 

The District has been utilizing Guiding Principles, first established in 2016, to inform redistricting efforts. At this last stage of the redistricting process, the School Board is being asked to reaffirm its set of Guiding Principles to use in final decision-making (October 2019).  The Board invites community members to provide input on the Guiding Principles shown below for School Board consideration prior to adoption at its regular meeting on June 5, 2019. Please submit your input by June 1, 2019 via the following link:

Save the Date--June 10 Public Information Session: Redistricting 2020

6:30-7:30 p.m. on June 10 at the Carleton Washburne School Cafeteria
Learn more from demographer Matthew Cropper, of Cropper GIS, who has been guiding the District in the redistricting planning process since 2016. This information session will focus on the District’s final steps to prepare a Redistricting 2020 recommendation and School Board decision by October 2019.  Attendees will be able to learn more about the decision-making process and the timeline for the plan, which will be implemented in Fall 2020.  A general feedback form is available through  August 4, 2019 via the following link: