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​Washburne Alum Demonstrates Leadership On & Off the Football Field

The District is proud of 2014 Washburne alum Clay Czyzynski (New Trier Class of 2017) for how he has used his athletic talents to demonstrate leadership. When he was a second or third grade student at Hubbard Woods School, Clay recalls hearing the statement, “You determine your future ...the way you work is going to have an affect​ on​ the outcome,” and applied this mantra to his life. As the Varsity football team quarterback, Clay led the Trevians to a conference victory against Maine South, which ended their 77-game winning streak and was their first conference defeat since 2000. In addition to other honors, Clay was recognized twice this fall in USA Today’s “Play of the Week” column, was named All-Conference his junior year, and Most Improved when he was a sophomore.

Reflecting on the impact sports have had on his life, Clay notes that “What matters the most is making friendships. It’s not really about winning or getting recruited, it is having fun with friends and making the most of it. I hope everyone in D36 has a chance to reach their goals and limits...there is nothing that can stand in your way….you have to believe in yourself and keep looking forward. ” Currently in the midst of the college application process, Clay says he aspires to “work hard and represent our area as best as I can” both on the football field and in the classroom.