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D36 alum Grace Donnelly helps lead Coding Club at Carleton Washburne School

Coding Club is now launched at Washburne, offering support for students who may want to learn a new programming language or work on developing an app, website, or game. Former D36 student Grace Donnelly, (New Trier High School Class of 2018), is helping lead Coding Club along with Washburne teacher, Mr. Selgrat.

Grace recalls activities she enjoyed during her elementary school experience at Hubbard Woods School before moving to the U.K. during her middle school years. "Projects were experiential and encouraged us to think outside the box. As a result of my D36 experience, I've always been someone who challenges the norm and makes their own pathway."

While in the U.K., Grace embraced technology as tool to help stay connected to her friends in Winnetka. As she progressed through school, her interest in STEAM-related activities continued to grow. Once at New Trier, Grace noticed a gender gap between how many male and female students engaged in STEAM-related clubs and became passionate about fostering an interest in technology amongst all students. She hopes that Coding Club will "create an atmosphere of encouragement for students to learn, connect and collaborate with one another....and light a fire for technology that continues to glow throughout high school and college and beyond."

Washburne students are welcome to attend Coding Club meetings at the CoLab on Tuesdays from 3:40 p.m. to 4:40 p.m. through January 31, 2017.