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Kazunori Hokura Makes a Difference at Japan's Largest Broadcasting Organization

Kazunori Hokura, (Washburne Class of ‘94) is video editor for “NHK World TV,” an international news channel on NHK, Japan’s largest broadcasting organization, headquartered in Tokyo. He fondly recalls his Winnetka Experience as a middle school student in District 36 and the supportive Winnetka community. When the Hokura family moved to Winnetka from Japan, Kazunori says neighbors hosted a welcome party and classmates in his neighborhood helped him prepare for school. As a Washburne student, he remembers the excitement of going to work with his father during “Shadow Day.” During a school assembly, he was fascinated by a drum solo and has been playing the drums ever since. His interests in the arts continued as he progressed through New Trier and into adulthood. Upon graduating from New Trier, Kazunori attended Musashi University, where he majored in European and American literature. Kazunori encourages aspiring journalists to “try to be a good listener to the opinions of others, even if you cannot agree with them. I believe a journalist should always be a learner of new things.” The District is proud of the difference he is making in the world through his work in journalism.