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D36 Alums Give Back to Washburne Students as Part of NTHS Senior Project

Washburne alums Kristen Doyle (Class of 2013) and Jon Organ (Class of 2013) are giving back to D36 students as part of their New Trier High School Senior Project. Jon and Kristen are working with Ms. Schroer’s chorus, guitar, and piano classes in a myriad of ways, including conducting choral pieces at a recent spring concert, arranging a guitar trio, and helping students who may need extra support reading music or learning a new piece. Jon reflects on the opportunity to mentor younger students and shares, “For those who invest themselves in the music programs in D36, it becomes a meaningful part of their lives. A large portion of credit is due to the dedicated teachers who aid students in their journey. My work done at Washburne is a beginning step to what I hope will be helping many others continue on their journey as well.” According to Kristen, “I know my time at Washburne really influenced the path I took in high school and helped me to realize how much I love performing and singing. I would love to think that I'm able to help other kids realize they have those same passions!” For Washburne students who will graduate next month and venture on to high school, Jon advises, “Do what you love, even if it isn't popular.” “You'll only regret the things you didn't try,” says Kristen. Upon graduating from New Trier, Jon will attend Berklee College of Music in Boston and Kristen will attend Cedarville University in Ohio.