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D36 Alum Receives Honorable Mention from C-SPAN's StudentCam Filmmaking Contest

D36 alum Lucy Spahr (Washburne Class of 2014) channeled her passion for storytelling and filmmaking into creating Global Warming: The Dead Zone, a documentary to raise awareness on the impact of climate change. She submitted the film to C-SPAN’s StudentCam contest, which asked students to highlight an issue that Congress should address. The film, one of over 2,900 submissions from students around the United States, received an honorable mention. Spahr studied filmmaking during a summer program at UCLA and has created films for the New Trier Greg Harris Film Festival, but otherwise has no formal filmmaking training. She enlisted the support of a geoscience teacher at New Trier to serve as an expert in the film, which stars both her grandfather and younger brother, Spencer (Washburne Class of 2016).

“I cherish my D36 progressive education because it emphasized creativity,” says Lucy. “I have fond memories of writing scripts and being on camera for WGST at Hubbard Woods. The program taught me at a young age that film is a medium that allows me to express my feelings and ideas in a constructive and fun way.” Lucy recalls designing a circus production in Kindergarten, learning to write and deliver presentations with the support of her teachers, and honing her public speaking skills as she progressed through middle school, which she notes, “gave me confidence with the much larger environment at New Trier.”

Lucy serves on the New Trier Township Peer Jury, is a former member of the New Trier Varsity Girls Tennis Team, and tennis instructor at AC Nielsen Tennis Center. As she prepares to graduate from New Trier, she recommends that students explore the many leadership opportunities that high school has to offer. “Get in involved in some activity that you enjoy...have an open mind and be willing to experiment!”  Lucy will be attending Cornell University in the fall where she is interested in studying English and Film.