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D36 Alum Pursues Successful Career in Hollywood

D36 alum Maddie McCormick (Washburne Class of 2005, New Trier Class of 2009) is enjoying breakout success in Hollywood, most recently with a lead role in “Camera Store,” a Netflix film released this summer, an HBO pilot, and other film and TV roles.  While pursuing her passion for a career in acting, Maddie graduated magna cum laude from UCLA, with a BA in Psychology with a minor in Film in 2013.

Reflecting on her time in D36, Maddie says, “I am incredibly grateful for the work ethic I developed in D36 as a product of the high standards that were set. I moved onto New Trier and life with a sense of confidence and self-efficacy that if I put in the work, the results will follow. The support I received within D36 from my peers and the team system helped me start on my journey of self care.” Further, she shares, “The ‘Winnetka Experience’ is something special. It's amazing that within one community there is so much access to the arts as well as a wide variety of disciplines. The team structure at Washburne gives you a sense of intimacy and a safe environment to start finding your voice and identity. I will say that to this day my two closest friends in the world, I met on my team at Washburne.”

Maddie aspires to make a meaningful difference in the world through her position in the entertainment industry. “The medium of film and television has the special privilege of telling important stories...there's been a massive shift in the entertainment industry to tell stories from new perspectives. It's become a much more inclusive industry and I am particularly proud of the recent influx of leading female roles and the work toward closing the wage gap between more than ever the next generation sees more people on screen who look and experience the world like them.”

Maddie’s advice to young aspiring actors is, “Be a "get to" person rather than a "have to" person. Even when it feels like a grind, telling yourself you "get to" reminds you that this is your choice. You are constantly creating the world around you-- so keep telling yourself and the world "yes!"