Adventures In Learning 2021 Course Catalog

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    POD 1

    Flags and Maps of the World 

    In this collaborative class, we will learn the location of countries in the world and the flags they use to represent themselves. Students will do map work, research, watch video clips, and do hands-on projects to learn about the maps and flags of the world.

    Abracadabra: It's Magic! 

    Amaze your friends and family by learning the art of magic using cards, coins, ropes, and many other household items. Learn simple but impressive tricks. Make things appear and disappear. Create illusions.(Formerly known as "I am Houdini")

    Razzle Dazzle Science Magic

    Polymers, putty, sparkles and slime. Do you like to mix things up? This class explores a variety of materials and science concepts, and occasionally gets very messy.

    Tennis I 

    Learn skills to develop coordination in preparing to play tennis. Tennis racquet and tennis shoes required. No previous tennis experience necessary. Games that enhance tennis skills utilized.

    POD 2

    Candle Making 

    Make, melt, and mold candles! Create colorful, themed, scented candles and candle holders. Join us for a fun and enlightening experience.

    Draw! Draw! Draw! 

    Love to draw? Enjoy exploring a variety of drawing methods. From illustrations to shading and some perspective, all ages can practice and learn new techniques using pencil, pen and charcoal!

    The Odyssey Drama Class

    In this class, we will use stories from Homer’s The Odyssey to explore ensemble performance through: theatre games, movement and the creation of mini performances. 


    Basic skill development on floor, vaulting box, balance beam, and spring board. Emphasizes fitness through warm up. Work with free exercise and rhythmic gymnastics. Build up strength through use of the equipment.

    POD 3

    Slumber Party Fun 

    Come experience all the games, giggling, and fun of a sleepover without feeling tired and cranky afterwards! The class will feature lots of crafts, snacks, and activities that you can share with your friends. No sleeping bag required.


    Create your own miniature world using boxes, fabric, wallpaper and recyclables. Make rooms, dollhouses, furniture, accessories, people, stores and more! Come join the fun.

    Book Club for All! 

    Calling all readers!  Do you like to read? Are you always looking for the perfect book? If so, please come and join our Boys and Girls Book Club! We will explore different types of books, discussing and even acting out some of the books .A  great way to meet new books...and friends!


    We give your child the gift of Ballet! Our mission is to educate and expose each child on the artistic excellence, discipline, flexibility, and strength that Ballet provides. Whether or not children have experience in Ballet, we support a variety of levels, ages, and accept girls and boys. Our unique curriculum is based on the solid foundation of Ballet training. We look forward to working with each child and offering the approach of Ballet to you.

    POD 4 

    Computer Animation 

    Want to be the next great animator? Start here! Create stories, characters, games and more through different animation websites and software. Learn how computer animation started and how it is used today. Great class for beginners! Sign up today!

    Coding for Kids

    Join us as we utilize to perform guided coding tasks. We will spend our days coding a number of projects and programs that YOU choose!

    Lego Mindstorms Robots 

    Have fun building Lego robots! Learn to program the computer and your robots then watch them run. Design your own robots or build from kits. We will have contests and challenges.

    Harry Potter Adventures

    It all begins with the Sorting Hat; before you know it you'll be a member of your favorite house. Then on to wand making, spell books, fantastic beasts and where to find them. a horcrux scavenger hunt, and much more! Come join the fun!

    POD 5

    Kitchen Magicians

    Pull back your hair (if it's long) and bring an apron! Get ready to make and eat something delicious every day! Reading recipes, measuring, kitchen safety and tasting are all a part of the Kitchen Magicians experience. Join Kitchen Magicians where you'll make Purple Cow Jumped Over the Moon, lasagna cupcakes and hot dog mummies (just to name a few).

    Basket Weaving

    Basketry is fun to do on a hot summer day because you work with soaking wet reeds. You can learn this ancient craft by mastering just one weaving technique. New projects for repeating students.


    Make and take your own health and beauty products using natural ingredients. Also incorporate healthy living practices into your life such as: yoga, meditation and art. Possible personal care products we will formulate as a class for take home use: shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, lip scrub, lip balm, facial masks, nail polish, body glitter, hair chalk, bath bombs, lavender sleep pillows, sleeping masks, warm soothing-oatmeal pillows.

    Build a Stuffed Animal Workshop 

     In this course, each of us will choose a soft and furry animal to stuff and keep forever! We'll learn to sew so we can make clothes and accessories for our animals. We'll make and decorate a home, too!

    POD 6

    Camping Adventures and S'more Fun

    Every day is a campout! Our camping adventures will include, grilling snacks TBD with safety protocols, playing games like Ghost in the Graveyard and Spud, working together with team building activities, learning knot tying, putting up a tent, discovering Morse Code, playing Ultimate Frisbee, telling ghost stories, creating shadow puppets, learning compass skills, and creating camping skits, ect! With so many fun things to do, campers are given some choices as to how they create their adventures!

    Wilderness Survival 

    Always be prepared, since you never know when disaster may strike! Train for basic survival in all different environments: at sea, in the woods, the desert or even in a tropical jungle!


    Practice skills needed for accuracy in target shooting. The Camp Archery Association system for recognizing achievement will be used. Beginners will receive instruction in fundamentals. Intermediate and advanced archers will use instinctive and point of aim shooting methods.

    Sports On The Radio 

    Learn how to be a sports reporter on the radio! Ever want to be like Bob Costas? Here is your chance. Learn how to assemble stories, cover games, make a radio demo tape. How about hosting a sports talk show? Learn how to do it! Future Mark Giangreco's apply here!

    POD 7

    Make Your Own Music Video 

    Come learn all the newest dance moves and hear the hottest music. Create the story, dialog and dance as we film a music video! This is a high-energy class. You must wear gym shoes and comfortable clothes in which you can move freely.

    Astronomy and the Universe 

    What is about 14 billion years old and has a diameter of at least 93 billion light years? Our universe. Discover our solar system and its meteorites, galaxies, comets and asteroids through hands-on activities and multimedia presentations. Future astronomers will learn about the movement of the planets, what causes day and night, eclipses, equinoxes and other celestial events. We will also explore life in space including the history of space travel, famous missions, how to prepare for life as an astronaut and the impact of NASA inventions on everyday life. Did you know that aluminum foil is a NASA invention? Students will also create their own rockets, telescopes and unique space travel adventures.

    Crazy Crafts

    A variety of crafts will be explored. Beginner and advanced friendship bracelets. Kooky pencils. People and critters that will make us laugh. Have you seen Shrinky Dinks? Watch them shrink! We will end the summer with each student sewing his or her own beanie baby. Come get crazy with crafts!

    Animal Care

    Learn how to handle and care for small animals, such as guinea pigs, hamsters, and common reptiles. We’ll explore these wonderful creatures, in addition to many others, through discussion, demonstrations, games, informational videos, activities, and more!

    POD 8

    Cardio & Resistance Training Club

    Cardio Club is a class that will help students enhance their fitness utilizing a variety of Life Fitness cardio machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, upright and recumbent bikes.   Students will also be introduced to the basics of age appropriate weight training using free weights and our Life Fitness, circuit series weight machines. Students will engage in a variety of teacher led workouts and we will also utilize heart rate monitors to track our workouts. Students will also have an opportunity to focus on any area of fitness and workouts that they are interested in. Students will track and log their workouts, miles completed throughout the summer, goal set and work on personal training habits. Healthy choices start today!

    Yoga For Kids

    We are all Yogis! Come practice lots of fun poses as well as calming ones. Develop flexibility and strength, too. Please bring a yoga mat or towel.

    Moves and Grooves: Dance!

    Ready to learn some killer dance combinations to groovy music? Come jam out and move  through different dance styles and technical rhythms. Exploring jazz funk, hip hop, and contemporary dance styles, students will learn to develop a stronger rhythm sense and investigate their personal dance style. Students will participate in group warm ups, across the floor dance activities, and sequences influenced by themselves and their friends. Students may also explore creating their own short dances! You’ll be ready to perform for your friends and family in no time!

    Girls and Boys Running Club

    Campers will set running goals and log their daily runs. The class is led by an experienced half and full marathoner who loves to encourage and inspire other runners!

    POD 9

    Woodworking Workshop

    Come explore the World of Woodworking! If you are into tools or want to lean more about them, then this is the class for you. We will design, create and build all kinds of projects including a real CO2 Powered Dragster!

    Drone Flight School

    Ever wanted to fly a drone? Now is your chance! Drone technology has really taken off in the last two years, and it’s bound for great heights in the near future. Everyone is using drones now from photographers to farmers! Learn to fly, do tricks, and more in Drone Flight School.

    Fishing - DOUBLE PERIOD

    Fishing is a two period off campus class. We visit three local fishing holes including Skokie Lagoons, Tower Beach and The Glenn. All three areas are just a short bus trip from school. Students must bring a fishing rod with a closed reel and are scheduled to bring two dozen nightcrawlers. All other fishing equipment (bobbers, hooks, and fishing line) will be supplied. Last year we caught over a hundred fish and of course, a few ìbig ones that got away.î Don’t let this class get away

    POD 10 -This grouping includes courses that are  limited to rising 5th - 8th as well as options for all grade levels. During registration, campers will have the opportunity to select from the courses that best meet their interest and age eligibility.

    Rock Guitar Band for Beginners 

    This summer, have a blast learning guitar from an easy going, Juilliard Masters of Music Graduate with over 30 years of experience teaching kids! He will teach you skills that will help you play and sing your favorite songs! This summer classes offers guitar chords and strum patterns, fingerpicking technique, power chords, rock band training, singing and strumming famous songs and much more. Come sign up and see your child explore their musical talent that lies within. Beginners welcome! Please have students bring their guitars and either electric, acoustic or nylon strings. 

    Karate/Sword Play (Soft Foam)

    Here is a chance to give karate a try! Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate taught by National Champion Sensei, Jeff Ladin. Belt Advancement is possible. Most of the training is outside in the shade and incorporates fun agility training, balance and obstacle courses.

    Lego Construction 

    If you like building with Legos, then this course is for you! Individual as well as group and team projects stretch your imagination! Beginning and intermediate kits used.

    Athletes' Club

    For the athlete who doesnít want to specialize in just one sport at Adventures. Each day will focus on a different athletic activity, allowing students to experience and play a variety of different activities over the course of the Adventures program. Soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, kickball, sacket, blamball, team handball, lacrosse and many more will be offered. Students will usually have the choice between two activities each day. Special tournament days will be held as well.

    Flag Football II 

    Grades Offered: 5, 6, 7, 8

    Grab your football and meet us at the 50-yard line. Learn all the techniques from throwing and catching to running and scoring TDs. Of course, the rules of the game will be enforced. Sign-up now if you want to be the next Barry Sanders.

    High Ropes Challenge 

    Grades Offered: 5, 6, 7, 8

    Come challenge your mental and physical strength on the high ropes course at Skokie. Learn safe climbing techniques. Build your strength in outdoor activities designed to develop the personal and group skills needed for successful climbing.

    Other Summer Programs 


    Extended School Year (ESY) services will be offered  in a tutoring format again this summer as a means to promote the health and safety of students and staff.  ESY services will be offered in person and remotely.  Staff will schedule sessions directly with parents.   Because ESY will be in a tutoring format, parents will not register for ESY classes when registering for Adventures In Learning (AIL).  Parents will be contacted directly by special education staff when scheduling for ESY services begins later this Spring.  Dates of ESY will align with the AIL dates of 6/14/21 through 7/16/21.  Notification from the Department of Student Services regarding next steps for ESY has been communicated to parents. If you have any questions, please contact Laura Hershner at the District Office.


    This year, the District will offer grade-level specific support classes for math fundamentals and reading/language arts.  The focus will be to support identified students’ readiness for transition to the next grade level. Invitations to participate will be sent in mid April. These classes can be taken in combination with AIL course offerings. Students who are invited to participate in the summer support and recovery classes and have registered for Adventures in Learning will be contacted to discuss schedule options. All students will have the opportunity to indicate interest in attending these classes during online registration.

    Based on the level of interest received, classes may meet before/after the AIL program hours. In April, the Department of Innovation, Teaching & Learning will communicate with families whose students were recommended to participate.  The District will seek to accommodate as many students who express interest in receiving additional support, however we are unable to guarantee placement for students who have not been recommended by the District. 

    Math Support and Recovery Class:  First Session (3 weeks)

    Reading/Language Arts Support and Recovery Class:   Second Session (2 weeks)