The Winnetka Public Schools District 36 School Board Meetings

  • In an effort to improve access to Board materials, The Winnetka Public Schools is using BoardDocs to maintain the agenda and supporting materials for all School Board meetings.

    Agenda and notices will be posted 48 hours prior to public meetings, Board materials for Regular Meetings will be posted 1 day in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting, and recordings will be posted the day following the regularly scheduled meeting. To access this information select the desired meeting from the list in the "meetings" section of the BoardDocs home page.

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Board Communications

  • Communicating with the School Board

    Providing timely and effective communication to families, staff, and community members is a high priority of the School Board and District Administration. The following guidelines have been developed to address issues, concerns, or suggestions.

    Parent Concerns

    The District has established, and consistently utilizes, a problem-solving process to address parent concerns. If you have an issue concerning your child's class or teacher, first contact the classroom teacher. From there, if the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved, you should contact the building principal. If the issue remains unresolved, or if you have a District-wide concern, please contact District-level administrators. The Superintendent’s office should be notified if this process has not been successfully resolved. Matters are generally referred to the Board only after these channels are exhausted; most matters do not have policy implications requiring Board action, and are typically resolved long before this final stage.

    Addressing the Board

    Residents may write to Board members in care of District 36 or via email ( Click here to access email addresses for current Board members. Please note that there is no expectation of privacy for any communication (letter, email, etc.) sent to the Board individually or collectively. It is considered part of the public record and may be subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). If you send letters to several or all Board members, you may receive one response, most typically from the Board President.

    Communications received via email or regular mail are entered into a Communications Log and included in the Communications section of the next Regular Board Meetings. 

    Public Comment at School Board Meetings

    Section 10-16 of the Illinois School Code states, “At each regular and special meeting which is open to the public, members of the public and employees of the district shall be afforded time, subject to reasonable constraints, to comment or to ask questions of the board.” District 36 not only complies with this law, but offers the public multiple times within its meetings to address the Board. However, in an effort to respect the time of the meeting participants, as well as ensure that all Board business can be attended to, the District has developed the following guidelines to facilitate Public Comment at its meetings.

    The Board will provide two opportunities for public comment at its open meetings. The first public comment of any meeting will be primarily received for comments on current agenda items. The last public comment will be primarily reserved for non-agenda items.

    Visitors interested in addressing the Board during public comment are asked to sign in, note any specific request for action or response, and appropriate contact information for follow up, if applicable. If a public statement is made without sign in and a response is desired, commenters should indicate so during their remark time. Please note: The Board uses this time to listen to community questions and concerns, but will not respond immediately to individual requests and cannot take formal action on non-agenda items.

    Commenters are provided three minutes to address the Board, in order to allow the Board its allocated time to attend to the business-at-hand. Speakers will be notified when the time limit is reached, and are asked, to finish the thought as promptly as possible and be seated.

    Board Responses to Communications and Public Comment

    Formal written or email responses will be provided within (60) days of receipt. Please refer to Policy 2:140 – Communications To and From the Board – for further details on this topic.