Grade 2 Overview

  • Second graders will continue their work of understanding the way our number system works using place values of ones, tens, hundreds, etc. They will recognize that the 3 in the number 357 represents 3 hundreds rather than “just being a three” and that 12 tens is the same as 1 hundred and 2 tens. Later, this will make it clear that adding two hundred to 357 is just a matter of adding 2 to the 3 in the hundreds place.

    Children will work on skip counting by various numbers including fives, tens, and hundreds both to increase skills for addition and subtraction using place values and as a foundation for multiplication. They also connect skip counting to reading the clock to the nearest five minutes.

    While second graders will continue to use many different strategies for adding and subtracting, they use their understanding of the way numbers are built to move toward methods that will always work quickly and accurately. The geometric and measurement concepts second graders study reinforce number sense concepts, provide real world contexts, and offer a good foundation for understanding more advanced concepts. For example, students work with measuring lengths. They use addition to add two lengths together or use subtraction to compare the lengths of two objects. Using bar graphs, clocks, and money helps them practice the same skills.

    Second graders also partition rectangles into squares and other equal shapes in preparation for understanding both multiplication and fractions.