Kindergarten Overview

  • In our kindergarten program, children explore mathematical concepts through their play and during rug time conversations, carefully chosen games, and other teacher-directed activities.  The focus is on working with numbers less than 20 and combining and separating numbers and shapes.

    During their play, children:

    • Explore geometric relationships through block building, such as making a square out of two right triangles
    • Practice counting, comparison, and problem solving by sharing materials
    • Develop one-to-one correspondence and an understanding of quantities through socio-dramatic play in the "Let's Pretend" or "Housekeeping" area
    • Solve problems that arise in real world situations
    • Use measurement to compare the length, weight, or capacity of objects

    During rug time and teacher directed activities, children:

    • Use a calendar to developing counting, patterning, and sequencing skills
    • Practice oral counting to 100 by 1s and 10s
    • Solve number stories (word problems) to explore addition and subtraction situations
    • Match numbers and symbols to sets of objects and write numbers and equations
    • See different ways to make a number (such as making 10 as 6 and 4 or 7 and 3)
    • Explore teen number place value

    During games,  children:

    • Count forward and backward from different numbers
    • Compare quantities and numerals and connect numerals to quantities
    • Practice accurately counting sets of objects and connect counting to addition and subtraction
    • Explore patterns