Redistricting 2020

  • Winnetka District 36 Attendance Boundaries Map

    Approved by the School Board on October 22, 2019

    Please use this mapping tool to check an address for the 2020-2021 School Boundary Assignments.

    Disclaimer: This map is meant only as a guide for The Winnetka Public Schools newly adopted (October 22, 2019) elementary school boundaries. District 36 has made substantial efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information, however, if you need further clarification on your school assignment, please EMAIL our District Registrar, Margie Karabas, with questions.

    Redistricting 2020 Overview

    After three years of evaluating redistricting scenarios, The Winnetka Public Schools Board approved new attendance boundaries to form a long-term solution to address the enrollment imbalance in the District. Feedback from the Winnetka community as well as input from the Village and Winnetka Police Department was reviewed throughout the Redistricting 2020 process and helped inform the Board’s decision at its October 22, 2019 meeting. The revised boundaries shift 314 households from the Crow Island School zone to the Greeley School zone with Linden Ave. as the new border. These new boundaries are effective immediately for students newly registering.

    The Board and Administration will continue to collaborate with the Village and Police to plan for optimal capacity and utilization at Crow Island, Greeley and Hubbard Woods; efficiently manage District resources while upholding the District’s commitment to equitable education; and execute a plan to return Kindergarten to Crow Island in 2020.

    On October 22, the School Board also approved a plan to “phase-in” students. Phasing-in allows a subset of students to remain at their current school after new boundary lines go into effect.

    The Board approved phasing-in the following students who reside in the redistricted zone (representing 2020-2021 grade levels):

    • All 4th graders
    • 2nd and 3rd graders who attended D36 Kindergarten
    • 2nd and 3rd graders who did not attend D36 Kindergarten
    • 1st graders who attended D36 Kindergarten with an older sibling who attends Crow Island

    Students who will not be given phase-in consideration are as follows:

    • Any newly enrolled students (even those with siblings already attending Crow Island)
    • 1st graders who attended D36 Kindergarten with no older sibling at Crow Island

Redistricting 2020 Documents and Presentations Archive

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