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Social Emotional Learning

Why is Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Important?

Why is SEL important at this time for Winnetka and for New Trier Township Schools? 

  1. Emerging research is finding that students in “high-achieving schools” with high standardized test scores, varied extracurricular and academic offerings, and graduates who head off to top colleges — are experiencing higher rates of behavioral and mental health problems compared with national norms.  A consensus study report on advancing health equity among American children published this summer by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine added youths in “high achieving schools” to their list of “at-risk” groups. 
  2. In Winnetka District #36, teachers are reporting that elementary and middle school students are exhibiting more prominent behavioral and emotional regulation difficulties, at younger ages, and in greater frequencies. They are lacking emotional regulation and executive function/planning skills that most students used to possess in years past. 
  3. New Trier’s recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicated that New Trier Students experience more than the National average amounts of: 
    • Stress/Anxiety
    • Suicidal thoughts and attempts
    • Alcohol and Marijuana use

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