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Erin's Law

In 2013, Illinois passed Erin’s Law which requires all students, early childhood through 12th grade, to be taught to recognize child sexual abuse, equip them with skills to reduce their vulnerability, and encourage them to report abuse if it occurs.  A woman named Erin Merryn, who was a victim of child sexual abuse, initiated this mandate. She noted that while she had been educated in school about stranger danger and other prevention programs, she was never taught what to do if someone touched her inappropriately.  Winnetka Public Schools social workers and/or classroom/advisory teachers present this information to students in a child friendly and age appropriate manner. 

A WPI Event was held in March of 2018 to discuss the program in more detail, and the video can be seen below.

If you would like further information on Erin’s Law, we encourage you to review resources below.

Elementary Schools (Grades K-6)

Building social workers will support classroom teachers/advisors with materials and resources to educate students on personal safety skills to develop awareness regarding safe touch/unsafe touch in a child friendly and age appropriate manner. They will teach students to develop self advocacy skills and confidence to be in charge of their personal safety and to seek assistance from safe adults.

Key Vocabulary & Concepts

  • Personal safety (i.e., fire, bus, evacuation, tornado drills and body safety).
    • Discussion of body safety is focused on safe and unsafe touch
  • Comfortable and uncomfortable feelings
    • Listen to our feelings; trust your instincts/follow your gut
  • Respect the boundaries of self and others
  • Safe and unsafe secrets
  • Identifying safe adults in and outside of school
    • "Recognize, Refuse, Report"
  • Advocacy
  • Support and resources
  • Definition of sexual abuse (Skokie School)


Kdg-2nd: Your Body Belongs to You by Cornelia Spelman
3rd-4th: Do you Have a Secret? by Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

Carleton Washburne

Building social workers /advisors will educate students regarding sexual abuse by providing accurate information, education, resources, and support.

Key Vocabulary & Concepts

  • Personal safety

  • Definition of sexual abuse

  • Boundaries/assertiveness

  • Advocacy

  • Support and resources


Erin’s Law Video

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