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Social Worker


Philosophy School Social Workers believe in working together as a community to create a school environment that fosters emotionally healthy children. We strive to facilitate social emotional growth in all children in order to develop healthy, resilient self- actualized individuals. The Native American model of child rearing, provides us with a valuable tool concerning the precious task of 'raising our children with heart.' The core values of Belonging, Independence, Generosity and Mastery are interwoven beautifully into the belief system of their child rearing philosophy. Keeping this belief system in mind, we believe that as a community, we can work together to raise children who feel connected, are generous in spirit, self- sufficient and become life long learners.

What Do Social Workers Do?

School Social Workers are trained to view the individual, family and school as a system. We strive to keep in mind the dance between individual and group dynamics and the impact that each has on the other. Keeping up with the latest research and best practice, licensed clinical social workers who are also certified in school social work, are trained to offer therapeutic counseling and may deal with a variety of issues, ranging from teaching social skills to coping with stress, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, divorce and crisis intervention. Children are seen individually or in small groups to work on specific agreed upon goals. Therapy is conducted through a variety of media such as 'talk therapy', cognitive, behavioral or play therapy techniques that incorporate a psychodynamic and developmental approach within the context of a trusting relationship. We believe in working collaboratively with family and teachers to support children around a variety of classroom and individual issues and serve as a valuable link to outside community resources.

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Social Worker: Mrs. Kathy Powers MA, LCSW