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Resource Center

Resource Center (Library and Technology Skills)

The Greeley Resource Center strives to provide information online and through print resources to staff and students.  Classes visit the Resource Center beginning in kindergarten through fourth grade once a week for an hour.   Students are taught throughout the year how to navigate the library and select fiction and nonfiction books using our App Researcher.  All students enjoy being read to, and the library staff is always sharing the latest books and series each month.  The Resource Center center also participates in the Illinois State Monarch and Bluestem book awards each year.

In addition to offering a rich library environment, students are introduced and taught a variety of technology skills using various devices.  Students learn new Apps, software programs and educational online references to supplement all curricular areas.  Keyboarding is introduced in first and second grades, and more intensive keyboarding lessons are taught to third and fourth graders three times a year.

We are excited at the debut of the Greeley MakerSpace.  The MakerSpace provides S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) hands-on activities throughout the year.  The MakerSpace fosters creativity, imagination, tinkering, exploration and problem solving.  We also have a mobile MakerSpace that can be accessed by all classrooms. 

Mary Ellen Schulz, Resource Center Director RC Associates:

  • Mr. Mike Atkins
  • Mrs. Cindy Larson
  • Mrs. Annalisa Soukup

Greeley Library's Recommended Summer Reading

Grade One (PDF)
Grade Two (PDF)
Grade Three (PDF)
Grade Four (PDF)
Monarch Awards K-3
Bluestem Awards 3-5