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Kinetic Wellness

It is the philosophy of Greeley Elementary School to provide a comprehensive K-4 Kinetic Wellness (KW) program through developmentally appropriate instruction and evaluation best serving the needs of the whole child. Much opportunity lies in our ability to address the growing health challenges that are facing children and youth. Greeley Elementary School and Winnetka's comprehensive program offers experiences to enhance students' minds and bodies in a safe, noncompetitive atmosphere.

The KW program at Greeley Elementary School was developed to give expression to our vision, expectations, philosophy, and beliefs as outlined in the District document Winnetka: A Community of Learners. In particular, the following are emphasized:


  • Be reflective and resourceful in making rational decisions, solving problems, and understanding the consequence of actions.
  • Understand the diversity and commonality among people.
  • Understand the role and impact of technology on society and use technological resources when appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain enduring relationships and healthful living habits.
  • Work cooperatively with others to achieve a common goal.


Physical and Emotional Well-being: All members of our community must work together to instill the attitudes, skills, and knowledge necessary for the physical and emotional well-being of our children. Information that aids the necessary development of good nutrition, exercise, and health habits promotes a sound mind and body.

The Role of Effort and Self-Esteem: Self-esteem is achieved by the continued development of useful skills and knowledge. Confidence in oneself is the result of interacting with ideas, people and the environment in healthy and satisfying ways. Confidence develops in the presence of objective standards, healthy competition, and a nurturing environment that encourages social as well as individual growth.

The Role of Play and Exploration: School is a place where opportunities and time for play and exploration are valued and sought. The use of play as both the work and language of the young child changes as children grow. In play, children practice the concrete processes that they will eventually internalize as abstract thought. Play and exploration are the media through which children can formulate and test their own ideas.