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Kids Leading Kids

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” -Margaret Mead

Kids Leading Kids is a philosophy deeply rooted in our progressive values and belief system that all children can be inspired to develop their leadership potential and prepare to be engaged citizens of this world. We believe that all children have unique gifts, passions and interests that can be developed and shared with others through community building experiences. These experiences provide all children with opportunities to assume leadership roles within the building and develop mutual respect for the leadership potential in their fellow students. Kids Leading Kids continues to evolve as new ideas and student needs develop, remaining committed to providing school wide experiences that align with our Social Emotional Learning Standards and our Greeley Values of Friendship, Respect, Positive Attitude, Empathy, Compassion and Peace.


Leadership Council Mission Statement
Fourth Grade

To lead by being a good role model that is honest, caring, positive, helpful, respectful to others and our earth.

Each year, interested fourth grade students may join the Greeley leadership Council. This gives our fourth graders the opportunity to make a difference in our school and practice leadership skills. This year, we have had over forty students participate. You may notice leaders helping students in and out of cars during pick up and drop off times. Our hallways are sporting posters, the leadership council have made to remind students about our Greeley Values: (Friendship, Respect, Positive Attitude, Empathy, Compassion and Peace) and playground rules. The Greeley Leadership Council has planned seven Spirit Days to build community throughout our school. Our leaders meet every other Wednesday at lunch to discuss matters that are important to them and plan town hall meetings, a forum for all students to come and share their voice on a particular topic. They also visit classrooms and talk with students about upcoming town hall topics and special projects. The students take great pride in being part of the leadership committee and are committed to make Greeley an even better place for all students.

Town hall meetings are held once a month during lunchtime in the auditorium. The town hall meeting provides a forum for first thru fourth grade students to share their voice around school matters and collectively explore positive solutions to everyday concerns. Students may ask questions or make observations and comments around a relevant school topic. Town hall meetings are planned and run by fourth grader leaders. The leaders serve as role models, discussion leaders and reporters, taking notes, writing articles, videotaping and taking pictures. Read more about the town hall meeting in student written articles for kids and about kids.