• November 19, 2021

    Dear Families and Staff,

    We are grateful for much this year as we head out for Thanksgiving Break. It has been a festive week in our schools and we are savoring the continued opportunity to restore connection and belonging by both revisiting beloved traditions and creating new iterations of our favorite events.   Our community was also proud to host the first of two New Trier Township vaccine clinics on November 12th, with the second dose date set for December 3.  We were able to vaccinate approximately 950 children aged 5-11 on the 12th, and look forward to adding to that number at the second vaccine clinic in Glencoe on November 23 (registration information here).   

    The District’s Central PTO leadership asked that we highlight the current status of the  following Covid-19 related areas: 

    Vaccination Data For Students Aged 5-11

    The District’s nurses use a health portal to document health data that syncs with the state's vaccine registry, called I-CARE. School nurses are able to access vaccination dates as long as they have been entered into the state registry.  Pharmacies and physicians offices typically report this data to I-CARE on behalf of students. The upload timing is dependent on the state’s and pharmacy/physician office ability to manage the data. We will utilize this database, monitoring for weekly updates to obtain the most accurate data pertaining to the vaccination status of our students. If your child was vaccinated out of the state of Illinois, please email your child’s vaccination card to your school nurse after they have received both doses as their vaccination records won’t be available in the Illinois vaccine database.  

    SHIELD Testing & Newly Vaccinated Students

    If exposed to COVID-19, your vaccinated child will not be quarantined as a close contact unless they experience symptoms. The CDC recommends that fully vaccinated individuals test 5-7 days after their last day of exposure to COVID-19; however, it is not required. Your child will be automatically removed from SHIELD testing by your school nurse once notification of vaccination status is noted in the state's i-CARE system.  If you prefer your child remain in SHIELD testing once fully vaccinated, please contact your school nurse.

    Symptoms? Covid-19 Testing Clarification

    If your child is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and is not a close contact, regardless of vaccination status, they will need to get a rapid PCR or lab performed PCR test within 48 hours of symptom onset or isolate for 10 days. Per CCDPH, the District can no longer accept antigen tests or an alternative diagnosis. Guidance is frequently updated, so this is the current process and is subject to change.