• Transportation Provider

    The Winnetka Public Schools partners with North Shore Transit, a subsidiary of Cook-Illinois Corporation, to provide transportation to our students.  The District has been partnering with North Shore Transit since 2006 to provide safe and timely transport for our bus riders. Bus ridership in D36 is voluntary and fee-based.

    If you have any bus related questions or concerns, please contact Mary Lee at 847-446-9400.  You can also review our bus concern protocol by clicking here and Transportation Policy here.

    Bus Information 2021-2022

    The bus routes have been established for the 2021-2022 school year.  All students are expected to have their bus passes with them in order to board the bus. Please refer to the bus route(s) for your child(ren) and indicate the bus stop closest to your home on the registration form.  Submit your registration form here and submit payment through RevTrak here

    Transportation Fees for the 2021-2022 school year are as follows:
    - One-way transportation at $510
    - Round-trip transportation at $875
    Note: One way is limited to providing bus service in the morning only or in the afternoon only (not in combination).

    In order to complete routing and ensure we have enough buses and drivers it is important to determine interest in transportation in a timely fashion. If you are interested in transportation services this year, please sign up by July 23, 2021. After this date you will be assessed a late fee of $100 for round-trip or $50 for one-way transportation.

    Kindergarten students have the option of riding the K-4 school bus to school in the a.m., or to home in the p.m., if they are enrolled in the Extended Play Program. Use this link to register for Extended Play.

    Health & Safety Protocols: The District is working with its transportation provider to put health and safety protocols in place. Social distancing will be practiced on the bus, with students wearing masks and seated one per seat. Family members will be seated next to one another unless space allows for one student per seat. The bus driver will wear a mask or face shield at all times while on the bus. North Shore Transportation has developed the following protocols: 

    • Each bus will be cleaned and disinfected every morning prior to the start of the first route. 
    • The driver will spray a hypoallergenic disinfectant, let it stand for a few minutes and then wipe down the high traffic touch points after each route. These include handrails and seat tops. 
    • All buses will have their seat belts thoroughly cleaned that were used by a student and will be sprayed and wiped down after each route. 
    • Each Friday after the drivers have completed their routes, the buses will be disinfected thoroughly by spraying a hypoallergenic disinfectant on all surfaces of the interior of the bus. The disinfectant will be left on the surfaces to dry. 
    • If a passenger who has been on a bus has been confirmed to have COVID-19, the bus will be immediately taken out of service and thoroughly disinfected before returning to service.