Employee Information and Procedures

  • New Employees 

    Upon offer and acceptance of a position, all new employees will meet with Human Resources to complete necessary paperwork. Staff have access to a personnel management system providing payroll, time off, benefit election, and general contact information, Staff are encouraged to electronically review their individual records to ensure accuracy. By appointment, employees may make arrangements to view their personnel file maintained in the Human Resources Department.

    Status Change 

    Throughout one’s tenure in the District, any employment changes will be processed through Human Resources. The Department assists staff with any questions or clarifications as needed. Examples of these types of changes include retirement, leaves of absence, and job assignments.

    Criminal Background Checks 

    The State of Illinois requires criminal background checks (completed through fingerprint analysis) to be on file for all school employees hired after 2004. Background checks are completed by the District in the Human Resources Department. Results of these checks are made available upon request. Volunteers with recurring contact with children are also required to undergo a criminal background check.

    Service Credit 

    The Human Resources Department maintains seniority lists, tenure and tenure eligibility lists, and years of service data for all employees. This credit is filed with the appropriate retirement system (TRS or IMRF) when an employee leaves the District.

    Contractual Matters 

    Individual Statements of Compensation are generated by Human Resources. Compensation is determined by Board of Education Personnel Policies or by negotiated agreements when staff are represented by a collective bargaining unit. Current bargaining unit contracts can be accessed through the following links: 

    The Winnetka Professional Agreement 2022 - 2023 through 2026 - 2027 (PDF)

    The Winnetka Professional Agreement 2014 - 2019, 2019 - 2021 (PDF) 

    Custodial Contract 2018 - 2023 (PDF)

    Memorandum of Understanding for Custodial Collective Bargaining Agreement July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2023 (PDF)

    Annual Compensation Reports 

    The following are compensation and benefit reports required for disclosure by the State related to employee compensation agreements.

    Employer Cost & Participation Information for IMRF Members, IMRF Employers, Public Officials, Media and General Public


    Transparency in Coverage

    The Transparency in Coverage Final Rule requires insurers and group health plans to publish machine-readable files starting July 1, 2022. The files contain in-network rates and out-of-network allowed amounts.

    Action Needed: Place the following link, which contains the EBC’s unique Employer Identification Number (EIN), on the district’s webpage that is publicly available and does not require a login, by July 1, 2022. This link is specifically for PPO plans only and contains data in a format that machines can easily read, but will not be easily read by the average individual.

    LINK: https://staging.bcbsil.com/asomrf?EIN=364154888

    HMO plans do not require any action at this time, as they fall under the fully insured category. BCBSIL will host machine-readable files for fully insured benefits via a link on bcbsil.com

    BCBSIL will updated these Machine Readable Files on a monthly basis.  The link above only needs to be placed on the public webpage one time.