• Inclement weather and other unanticipated emergencies may occasionally cause school to be canceled. The decision to close school is based on a number of factors including:

    • weather and road conditions in the community and region
    • forecast for the day
    • the safety of students traveling to schools
    • the safety of staff traveling to schools
    • the ability of school bus drivers to report to work and navigate bus routes

    District 36 coordinates decision-making with other Township school districts and local authorities. If schools must be closed, every effort will be made to finalize the decision by 6 A.M. The District will communicate with parents and staff as soon as possible in the following ways:

    By Telephone
    Parents and staff will be contacted through our automated phone messaging system as soon as the decision to close is made. If you do not receive a school-closing call, it is likely because your phone number is not listed properly. Please contact your child's school to update your contact information.

    By Email
    Parents and staff will be also receive an email alert.

    Website Posting
    School closing and schedule change information will be posted on the district website and on each school’s home page.

    Other Sources
    Closing information is supplied to all local television and radio news stations and shared with the website Emergencyclosings.com.

    Although we would prefer not to cancel school, District 36 has four emergency days built into the school calendar. We utilize these days to ensure that the safety of all students and staff is not compromised when severe winter weather or other hazardous conditions occur.

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