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Member Biographies

The School Board comprises seven equal members who serve without pay for staggered four-year terms. Each member is elected at large and represents the entire District. The Board must balance the needs of multiple constituencies in making sound decisions for the good of the District. The Board is specifically responsible for setting District policy, approving the ongoing expenditures/budget/long range plan, as well as hiring and evaluating the Superintendent. The Board delegates executive functions to the Superintendent through written policies and a written contract. (The Superintendent oversees all other employees and ensures the delivery of appropriate curriculum to students; decision-making for daily instruction resides primarily at the building and classroom level.) As specified in the Code of Conduct, Board members have the authority to make decisions only as a body of the whole. The Board President serves in the role of spokesperson for the Board to the community and the media.

* Denotes that the member has completed mandatory training.

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