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Superintendent's Office

Dr. Kelly Tess, Superintendent

Dr. Tess is proud to have served in education for the last 18 years.  In her career as an educator, Dr. Tess has prior experience as a classroom teacher, elementary and middle school assistant principal, middle school principal and assistant superintendent.  Her diverse experiences in the early years as an elementary teacher in southern California, within a Department of Defense school system in Alabama and on the North Shore of Chicago continue to shape her commitment to the development of emerging leaders, creative problem solving and compassionate leadership. 

Dr. Tess received her Bachelor of Science in Media Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Elementary Education from DePaul University, a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Concordia University and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from DePaul University.   She has served as a mentor to new leadership in a Central Office role through the Illinois Association of School Personnel Administrators, and served as an adjunct professor for Concordia University to those in the Educational Leadership cohort.

Dr. Tess and her husband are proud parents to three children.

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Kelly Tess

Linda Wehrheim
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board