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Science Overviews (KUDs)

The Winnetka Public Schools uses the Understanding by Design approach to curriculum development and documentation. This framework is used to design learning experiences and assessment with the end in mind: student outcomes.   The identified student outcomes are categorized into three types: Know, Understand and Do (KUD). Transfer goals and essential questions are also part of the Understanding by Design framework as well. Transfer goals consider how and when students will use the skills, knowledge and understandings learned in particular units to other learning and life experiences.  Whereas essential questions are thought-provoking questions that will foster inquiry, meaning-making, and transfer.

To view the transfer goals, essential questions, as well as “KUDs” for this content area, please click the link below.  To view the “KUDs” by grade level, please visit the grade level “Curriculum Summaries” in the left-hand menu.


The mission of the Winnetka Public Schools science program is to foster children's curiosity in the world around them and empower them with the knowledge needed to interact with the world as scientists and engineers. Our students are encouraged to pose questions, investigate solutions, and justify their thinking. Children will collaborate with each other, engage in scientific and engineering practices, persevere, and creatively investigate phenomena and solve problems.