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Parent Communication on Student Learning


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Communication between parents and teachers, and between home and school, is critical to student success. Parents are essential partners in their child’s learning journey, and regular communication between home and school helps to foster a strong sense of community and collaboration. This communication can take many forms, including parent-teacher conferences, progress reports, and regular updates on student progress. By involving parents in the educational process and keeping them informed about their child’s progress, teachers can help to create a supportive learning environment that meets the unique needs and strengths of each student. This collaborative approach is at the heart of progressive education, which recognizes that students thrive when there is a strong partnership between students, teachers, and parents.


It is our goal to get to know our students as learners in many ways, including their achievement and growth related to grade-level expectations in reading and math.  In the words of former District 36 superintendent and leader in progressive education Dr. Carleton Washburne, “Regardless of local conditions, it is always possible, and always wise, to know exactly what one is trying to teach; to find out, through complete, diagnostic tests, where each child needs help…”  To that end, The District has expanded the reading and math benchmark assessments administered during fall, winter, and spring in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Benchmark assessments are valuable tools that provide a snapshot of student progress at a point in time. These assessments help teachers to identify areas where students are excelling and where they may need additional support. They also inform instructional decisions by providing data that can be used to tailor teaching to meet each student's unique needs and strengths. Benchmark assessments are an important component of progressive education, which recognizes that students learn in different ways and at different rates. By using benchmark assessments to inform instruction, teachers can provide a more individualized approach to learning that supports each student's academic growth and personal development. 

The expanded assessments include gathering information from Kindergarten through Grade 8 in the areas of reading and math.  The District is currently utilizing the following platforms to gather student learning information: aimswebPlus, mCLASS, and NWEA MAP.  The details below depict each grade level and the corresponding reports.

To better equip parents to be equal partners in their student’s success, below are links to helpful resources for reading these benchmark reports.  If you have questions about your child’s learning, please contact their teacher as they have additional qualitative information from the classroom that may better illustrate how your child is progressing.

As a community of learners, we are navigating the way through how to best use this information along with the valuable insight gathered on a day-to-day basis in our schools.

Benchmark Assessments by grade:

Kindergarten- Grade 2

  • aimswebPlus- Math
  • mClass - Literacy

Grades 3-4

  • aimswebPlus- Math

  • mClass - Literacy

  • NWEA MAP- Reading and Math

Grades 5-6

  • aimswebPlus- Reading and Math

  • NWEA MAP- Reading and Math

Grades 7-8

  • NWEA MAP- Reading and Math


Progress reports are intended to provide parents with a written update on student progress at a particular point in time. Each fall, teachers have the opportunity to adjust descriptors before the first progress report each year. Descriptors are aligned with end-of-year expectations that are aligned to standards.

Progress Reports for grades 1-8 will be available in PowerSchool as well as mailed home on the following dates:

Trimester 1

  • PowerSchool SIS Portal opens on December 13th

  • Mailed home on December 20th

Trimester 2

  • PowerSchool SIS Portal opens on March 22 and mailed home on March 22

Trimester 3

  • PowerSchool SIS Portal opens on June 13th and mailed home on June 13th

Please click this LINK for specific information on accessing your child’s progress report in PowerSchool.

Kindergarten parents will receive the mailing only.