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Curriculum Overview

Dear Winnetka Parents and Community Members,

The landscape of mathematics education has changed considerably since any of us were students in math class. Most of us learned math in a procedural fashion and were considered “good in math” if we could memorize definitions and formulas and use them on tests. There was little emphasis on understanding mathematical concepts or applying what we learned to solving new and novel problems. Our children today are part of a completely different world due mainly to the advancement in technology. Our goal in The Winnetka Public Schools is to create mathematical problem solvers who will successfully thrive in this constantly changing and diverse world. Over the course of their K-8 experience students will experience the depth and beauty of mathematics; they will learn math in ways that engage and pique their interest; they will develop flexible, resilient, and efficient skills which will enable them to solve problems they don’t already know the answer to; they will develop persistence and confidence which will serve them throughout their math education and in the real world as well.

It is our hope that this Math Website will provide a wealth of information regarding the District’s mathematics curriculum, which has undergone major review since the advent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. We strive to answer the following Essential Questions: 

  • What does mathematics education look like in The Winnetka Public Schools?
  • What does research say about best practices in math education?
  • What can parents do to help their child with math at home?
  • What is the math placement process for Washburne and the Township Mathematics Program?

The purpose of this site is to provide parents with answers to these questions and more. In the overview section, you will learn about beliefs surrounding mathematics in The Winnetka Public Schools. The research section of the site lists recent articles, videos, and books that contain rich information about mathematics education. By clicking on your child’s grade level, you can find information specific to the math curriculum he or she will be engaged in over the course of the school year. We hope you can find the answers to many of your questions about math through this site.  Please note that this website will be continually updated and enhanced to include additional resources and snapshots of our students’ day-to-day classroom experiences. We hope this serves as a useful tool for you and welcome your feedback regarding the site.

Warm regards,
Eileen Goodspeed
District 36 Math Facilitator