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Writing Overviews (KUDS)

The Overviews for Writing provide unique, grade-level expectations for three prominent text types: informational writing, narrative writing, and argumentative writing. The Language Arts Committee, comprised of Winnetka 36 teachers, consulted the Common Core Writing Anchor Standards to develop overarching essential questions (open-ended questions that encourage active meaning-making by the learner) and enduring understandings (essential truths that give meaning to the topic; the goal of understandings is to make meaning of big ideas) (Enduring Understandings and Overarching Essential Questions for Writing).

After the anchor standard work was complete, the committee utilized grade-specific writing standards in the design of the overviews and writing units for each text type. These overviews contain grade specific, detailed Essential Questions, Understandings, Knows (Key Knowledge), and Dos (Essential Skills). The K-8 Writing Overviews may be viewed through the subpage links below.

Overview for Informational Writing

Overview for Narrative Writing

Overview for Opinion Writing