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Handwriting/Cursive Statement

“We are preparing children for their future, not our past” ~ Daniel PinkChildren today are being asked to engage in increasingly sophisticated experiences and understand increasingly complex concepts.  Our instructional time is limited and our desire is to preserve as much instructional time possible to support and facilitate such higher level thinking experiences.

We believe it is important for students to have opportunities to put pencil to paper as they learn to write.  Research shows that handwriting, both print and cursive, may improve motor skills, help students express ideas more quickly, improve working memory, and develop categorization and organizational skills.  

The practicality of the school day impedes teaching all things to all children. Priorities need to be made. We would recommend the following:


Students will continue to receive an introduction to print skills in kindergarten and in depth instruction in first grade.  These skills will be practiced throughout the curriculum in school and in their daily lives.


Cursive will be briefly introduced to students in second grade so that students are able to read and produce letters and sign their names.  Teachers will introduce the lowercase and uppercase letters using Loops and Other Groups.  Winnetka Publication has the booklets needed for instruction.