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Innovation Teaching and Learning

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Becky Mathison
Director of Innovation, Teaching and Learning

Patrick Dawson
Instructional Technology Coordinator

Jen Fiegen
Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)

Amara Martini
Administrative Assistant

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Curriculum Summaries

Curriculum Summaries outline the philosophies, learning outcomes, and experiences of each aspect of a grade level's curriculum. Curriculum Summaries are updated annually.

In this section:

  • The District’s approach to curriculum development and implementation, including comprehensive curriculum summaries listed by grade level results
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Assessment practices, plans, and related data, including standardized tests


We believe that our children should have multiple opportunities to demonstrate what they know. Assessment is a tool that provides a picture of the child in the process of being a learner. This perspective guides educational priorities and includes parents in the process. The value of the individual and his/her contribution to the world lies in the manner in which he/she uses intelligence, experience, and creativity in real-life circumstances.

Winnetka: A Community of Learners (1999)