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D36 Alum Elizabeth Lyons Reaches Country Music Stardom

D36 Alum Elizabeth Lyons Reaches Country Music Stardom

D36 alum, Elizabeth Lyons (Class of 2005), is a country singer on the fast track to stardom. Elizabeth has been touring nationally, opening for artists such as Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, and Blake Shelton.

As a Winnetka Public Schools student, Elizabeth was an enthusiastic participant in the Young Composers program at Greeley School and performed in choir at The Skokie School and Carleton Washburne School before she went on to graduate from New Trier High School and Vanderbilt University. The skills that have helped her flourish in the music industry were fostered during her time in D36, says Elizabeth, reflecting that her teachers “enabled me to do what I loved every single day and to learn about how to write and read music and be confident on stage.” Elizabeth also attributes her Winnetka Public Schools experience to encouraging leadership qualities that have helped her hone her business skills and navigate meetings with country music executives. “My strong love of learning and educational roots were developed and fostered in The Winnetka Public Schools. I feel very lucky, fortunate, and thankful to have had the opportunity to be part of one of the best educational systems in the country--or world for that matter--and also inspired and nurtured by their amazing music programs. Both have created who I am today,” says Elizabeth.

As for advice for young artists, Elizabeth stresses that they should have patience, perseverance, and persistence. She also notes the importance of giving back and bringing joy to others. My goal in my music and business is to make a meaningful difference in the world. I guess I truly am a product of the Winnetka Public Schools!”  To learn more about Elizabeth, visit