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School Report Cards


In a commitment to new statewide accountability and support, the 2018 Illinois School Report Card has taken on new areas of concentration in the October release. The updated report cards represent the federal requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) authorized in 2015.  ESSA offers credence to student growth and graduation rates, accounting for fifty percent of how schools are evaluated, and carrying with it a 15-year implementation timeline.

The new report card emphasizes a commitment to equity for all students across the state of Illinois. The intent is to shift away from an overemphasis on achievement in standardized test scores by introducing multiple indicators of students’ success. In addition to standardized tests, comprehensive indicators will include academic growth, chronic absenteeism, English learner proficiency, fine arts participation, school climate survey summaries, science measures, as well as preschool to second grade and elementary/ middle-grade indicators. The system also measures the academic progress of individual student demographic groups. High school indicators comprise college entrance examination (SAT) success, as well as graduation accountability.

Using these balanced indicators, as defined through ESSA, a set of four tiers have been designated to reflect individual school performance; Exemplary, Commendable, Underperforming/Comprehensive, and Lowest Performing/Targeted, with funding and support services aligned to the most challenged or struggling of schools.  The intent is to shift away from competitive performance and focus on collaborative improvement.

Please see below for additional resources on the new Illinois Report Card:

It is also important to note that school designations are predicated on participation rates. In order for schools to be considered for an exemplary designation, a 95% participation rate is required.  For additional information on how the Illinois State Board of Education views participation and accountability, please access this document:

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