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Educational Master Facility Plan

Educational Master Facility Plan (2028) header.

Since Spring 2019, the Facilities and Finance subcommittee have worked to advance the Educational Master Facility Plan (EMFP), approved by the School Board in October 2018. 

The EMFP includes addressing immediate, critical needs within District buildings (i.e. lead mitigation, ADA compliance, etc.) and the implementation of the redistricting plan (which occurred in fall 2020). Click here to view the EMFP At-A-Glance. The Board and Administration understands the April 2019 plan did not meet the expectation of many voters and needs to be refined.  The District has been working to scale back the scope of the prioritized plans, while ensuring our excellent educational standards are met within fiscal constraints.  In conjunction with this work, the District developed a Three-year-Critical Facility Plan to address health/life safety issues and maintenance needs for our aging facilities. 

Advancing the EMFP 2020-2021

To directly advise the Superintendent, the District has engaged a Citizens Task Force to test and verify facilities priorities and funding options. The 24-member Citizens Task Force comprises a broad range of community perspectives and will advise the Board and Administration on factors the District should consider in order to garner community support to further advance the EMFP.  The Citizen Task Force (CTF) met March 16, 2021, April 21, 2021, May 11, 2021, and May 27, 2021 to vet possible funding proposals to address the District’s capital facility needs.  The Citizen Task Force continued to meet in fall 2021 to provide input on the work of the Facility and Finance Subcommittees to develop a downsized facility and funding proposal to bring forward to the community.

Advancing the EMFP 2021-2022 - next phase

The 2022 downsized facility and funding proposal will be shared with the community through multiple avenues to maximize understanding and engagement beginning January 2022 prior to making any final decision regarding a potential November 8, 2022, referendum. To learn more about the winter 2022 public information campaign, click here. Check mailboxes in February for information on how you can learn more, provide input and be engaged.

For the archive of documents and meeting materials regarding Future Ready D36, please see below.