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2022 Downsized Capital Improvement Plan: Referendum

Downsized Capital Improvement Plan: Referendum

November 9, 2022

Dear Families, Staff and Community Members,

After several years of planning and community engagement, we are pleased to share that the 2022 Referendum Downsized Capital Improvement Plan has passed. You may view the election results here. It is evident that our community is dedicated to continuing the incredible legacy of supporting Progressive Education, investing in our current and future students, ensuring we are poised to continue to recruit excellent educators, and protecting our beloved historic schools.

Please take a moment to watch this short video message.

We appreciate the amount of time and dedication our staff, families and community members have spent engaged in both the research and process necessary to put forth the referendum on the ballot this week. We would like to extend a special thank you to the individuals who devoted hours of their time as part of the Citizens Task Force. Our focus remains on keeping our students at the forefront as we address our most urgent needs in light of this vote in favor of the referendum. We look forward to providing further details with you on our next steps.

Thank you for the time you invested in learning more prior to casting your vote, for the expertise you shared and questions you posed, and for modeling civility and decorum as the Winnetka community participated in the democratic process to arrive at this outcome.

Dr. Kelly Tess, Superintendent
Ms. Emily Rose, School Board President

Summary of Proposed Improvements at Each School

Impact of the Reassessment on Your Tax Bill

Referendum Resources