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Principal's Welcome

Crow Island

Principal’s Welcome

On behalf of the entire faculty and staff of Crow Island School, we welcome you
to our wonderful community of learners. Crow Island School is indeed a special
place. Our school serves approximately 380 kindergarten-fourth grade students
who engage in a rich core curriculum, as well as experiences in art, music,
Spanish, and kinetic wellness. In 1990, the school building was recognized as
a lighthouse in school design, receiving National Landmark status. In addition,
a highly skilled and deeply dedicated team of faculty and staff members works
diligently to meet the needs of our students. We are highly committed to working
with our families to foster the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and academic
growth of the children with whom we work. Further, we encourage our students
to embrace a growth mindset as they learn to take risks and accept challenges to
reach their highest potential. We hope all of our students will develop a deep love
of learning and become active members of their communities.

As in any educational setting, communication is a key component to a positive
experience. Parents can expect to receive information from school on a weekly
basis. Every other week, parents will receive a Crow Island Update via email
directly from the principal’s office. These Updates provide general information
about what is happening in the school. On the alternating weeks, families will
receive our PTO newsletter, the Bulletin, which is also sent electronically. The
Bulletin contains articles from our PTO president, more in-depth articles from
the principal, and other announcements and updates. In addition, the PTO has
a comprehensive website ( which offers information
about the school and the PTO, links to important websites and resources for both
new and returning families. Further, teachers update families on a regular basis
about what is happening in their classrooms. Additional communication vehicles
include email and/or phone bulletins, Go To School Nights, Come To School
Day, Portfolio Evenings, conferences, student reports, email and phone calls.
Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher(s) or myself should you have any

Below, please find links to some documents that go into more depth about our
special school, which our school song calls “the best school ever made”. I look
forward to getting to know each of our families better as we work together to best
serve our children.
Winnetka: A Community of Learners (PDF)

Winnetka Philosophy of Learning (PDF)

Beckley Cardy Quarterly (PDF)

Lessons Learned About Student Portfolios (PDF)

Letter Grades (PDF)

Design Matters: How School Environment Affects Children (PDF)

Warm regards,

Julie Pfeffer, Ed.D.
Principal, Crow Island School