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Temporary Classrooms

The School Board approved the installation of temporary classrooms at Crow Island School on March 15, 2016, and the Village of Winnetka approved the project on April 19, 2016. A unit comprised of two temporary classrooms was installed in summer 2016 at the southwest corner of Crow Island School, furthest from residential streets. Based on whether the District 36 School Board approves Extended Day Kindergarten for the 2017-2018 academic year, a second unit comprised of two temporary classrooms may be installed near the first unit in summer 2017.
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Crow Island Temporary Classrooms

What is the current situation at Crow Island School and why are temporary classrooms being implemented?

Crow Island students have access to all District instructional programming, specials, and services and are placed in classrooms (sections) according to the District’s class size guidelines.

Currently, there are 21 classrooms (sections) due to a higher first grade enrollment. This larger first grade enrollment necessitates additional specials sections and requires extra small group instructional spaces. Every available space at the building is currently used for students and staff. Anticipating extra space needs, in the summer of 2015, a computer lab was converted to three instructional spaces, a district special education program was transitioned to another elementary school and the Publications office was moved.  Further, teachers are collaborating to share existing spaces. The installation of temporary classrooms will provide immediate space relief during this “bump” in enrollment, which is projected to be short term.

What are some other solutions to address space needs?

Longer-term solutions include waiting for enrollment to self-correct, investigating school boundary shifts, and investing in building construction. None of these options would immediately provide space relief. Using temporary classrooms allows the District to address the current needs of students while providing additional time to study longer-term solutions.

What is a temporary classroom?

A modular structure installed and maintained based on the requirements of Illinois School Code in accordance with Village of Winnetka codes.

Who is utilizing the temporary classrooms?

Dr. Pfeffer worked with the Crow Island staff, as well as many parents who provided insight, to determine that the temporary classrooms will be used for Spanish and music instruction.

Where on the school grounds are the classrooms located?

The units are located on the southwest side of the school grounds, outside of the fourth grade wing. This location was determined due to a variety of factors that were studied, including proximity to the school building, elevation, etc. In light of these factors, it is also the area furthest from view of the surrounding neighbors. The District is committed to being good neighbors and making the temporary classrooms as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

What security features will keep the interior and exterior of the structures safe?

The units are equipped with exterior lighting, entry pads similar to the District school buildings, security cameras, a phone system along with two-way radios or an intercom system, as well as a sprinkler and fire alarm system. A covered walkway connects the temporary classrooms to the main school building.

What is the exterior appearance of the temporary classrooms?

The structure is painted in a neutral color to complement the school’s exterior. Landscaping includes an array of aesthetically attractive plantings. A covered walkway connects the temporary classrooms to the main school building.The District listened to input from staff, parents, and neighbors as part of the design planning process. Installation and maintenance is in compliance with the requirements of the Illinois School Code and in accordance with Village ordinances and codes.

What is the interior appearance of the temporary classrooms, and what amenities are available?

The classrooms are equipped with safety, communication, and technology features, as well as air conditioning. There are windows to provide natural light, comfortable furnishings for the students, and appropriate tools for teaching staff. The District engaged with students, staff, and parents regarding interior design.

What was the timeline for the Village of Winnetka and School Board approval process?

At the Tuesday, March 15, 2016, School Board Meeting at The Skokie School, the School Board approved the installation of temporary classrooms at Crow Island School, and the Village Council approved the project at the April 19, 2016 meeting. This occurred after a months-long approval process.

Is it anticipated that temporary classrooms will affect traffic flow in the Crow island area?

Pedestrian and vehicular traffic are not impacted; pick up and drop off patterns remain the same.

When will the temporary classrooms be removed from the Crow Island School premises?

The units will be removed by 2020. The District will be held accountable to the Village and Illinois State Board of Education on following this timeline.