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Resource Center

Welcome to the Resource Center section of our website. Students come to the Resource Center weekly for library and computer classes. Below are some of the students’ Fall activities.

Tony Spreitzer, Resource Center Director
Karen Gullen, Associate
Collin Souter, Associate

Kindergarten students have been exposed to a variety of literature (read aloud and on video). They have seen puppet plays performed by the second graders. Students have been instructed about proper library behavior and care of materials. They have begun to learn where different books are in the library.

Kindergarteners have used both computer labs to work on the alphabet, letter sounds, patterns, counting and number sense. In addition, students are developing hand-eye coordination and mouse skills.

First Grade
First grade students have been exposed to a variety of literature (read aloud and on video). They have checked out books to meet their own interests. Students have been introduced to the arrangement of books in a library, library procedures, and proper library behavior.

First graders have used a variety of science, math and language arts programs in the Mac computer labs, which reinforced the classroom curriculum. Students used 2 Publish to create book reports and “How To” books. Proper use and care of computer equipment continues to be emphasized. Basic typing skills have also been introduced and practiced.

Second Grade
Second grade students have reviewed library procedures for borrowing materials and library behavior. They have listened to stories and have had time to explore the RC. Students have learned about the subject arrangement of books and have learned how to use the Alexandria circulation system. They have learned and used beginning research skills for their oceans reports as well as for their Information Book projects. They have performed puppet plays for their classmates and the kindergarten students.

The second graders have used a variety of science, math and language arts programs in the Mac computer labs. Problem solving and independent thinking skills were stressed. Proper computer and disk handling was taught. Students were made aware of proper finger placement on a keyboard.

Third Grade
Third grade students have reviewed procedures for borrowing materials and for library behavior. They have learned to use the Alexandria on-line catalog and have used electronic and print sources for their research reports. Students have learned about the many arrangements of materials in a library and the parts of a title page and a book. They have listened to stories from the folk tradition.

Third graders have researched North American mammals, learned note- taking skills, created story boards and produced and presented slideshows of their mammal using Image Blender. They have practiced keyboarding skills with emphasis on proper fingering as well as creative writing exercises. Their rate of progression has varied individually. Additional Internet resources and software, including language arts, science, math, and problem solving programs, have been used to enrich classroom curriculum.

Fourth Grade
Fourth grade students have been instructed in the use of the on-line catalog, the Dewey Decimal System of arrangement, and library reference materials. They have used both print and non-print encyclopedias for classroom research. Students have selected books for curriculum assignments, pleasure reading and sharing with first grade buddies.

In the networked lab and with the wireless laptop lab, fourth graders have created documents with the word processing programs Microsoft Word and Pages and the concept-mapping tool Inspiration. They have also created projects with the multi-media programs Power Point, Keynote or Image Blender. The Internet, via the Crow Island web site, has been used for research and online programs. Students have continued to work on keyboarding skills.

Crow Island School Resource Center Collection Holdings

Books (15,777)
Fiction - 2,724
Nonfiction - 6,628
Picture Books - 1,872
Easy Readers - 1,361
Reference - 308
Biography - 933
Paperback - 1,501
Professional - 450

Book And Cassette - 186
CD-ROM - 390
Video Cassettes - 802
Laser Disks - 21