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Math Facilitators

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Crow Island is fortunate to have additional math support beyond the rich math environments that exists in every classroom in the role of the math facilitators. The two math facilitators at Crow Island are Allison Greer, who supports grades K-2, and Betsy Steele, who supports grades 3 and 4.

The role of the math facilitators at Crow Island School is multifaceted. We serve as coaches, partners, teachers and general math resource individuals. We are involved in the differentiation of the curriculum materials to reach the range of learners that comprise the classrooms at every grade level. Each year our role shifts slightly as the needs of the teachers and students vary from year to year. Yet what remains constant from year to year is that we are committed to helping teachers fully utilize all available resources to best support the range of learners across all strands of mathematics in the classrooms. The mathematical strands and materials used across the grade levels are listed below.

Mathematical Strands:
Number and Operations
Data Analysis and Probability

Woven throughout each of the strands are the process standards of problem solving, reasoning and proof, communication, connections and representation.

Curriculum Materials Utilized:
TERC Investigations
Exemplar Problems
Marcy Cook Math Cards
Problem Solver Problems