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Citizenship Guidelines

Good Citizenship means...
I will act in a safe and respectful way
At All Times

  • Be respectful of and polite to all adults, parents, and children
    • No inappropriate or hurtful language is to be used
    • No hitting, fighting, or teasing
  • Walk quietly
  • Take care of Crow Island School
    • playgrounds, courtyards
    • hallways, classrooms
    • books, equipment, and other school property

School Office

  • Use the phone only with permission
  • Do not ask to use the school phone to make play arrangements
  • Always speak courteously over the phone
  • Use a polite voice


  • Show respect to speakers and performers by giving your complete and courteous attention
  • Applause should be courteous and given at the appropriate time
  • Whisper only when appropriate
  • Sit quietly with your feet down, back against the bench; keep hands to yourself


  • Use an inside voice
  • Close locker doors softly
  • Only use your own locker
  • Admire the artwork with your eyes only
  • Keep the halls clean
  • Be courteous to visitors to the school


  • Please be aware of and follow individual classroom rules

Lunchtime Playground

  • Listen to and follow the directions of the lunchroom supervisors
  • Be respectful to all children and adults on the playground
  • Never leave school grounds without permission
  • Go back into school promptly when the signal is given
  • Use playground equipment properly and safely


  • Listen and follow the directions of the lunchroom supervisors
  • Report any problems to a designated supervisor
  • Bring healthful lunches
  • Go directly upstairs after lunch, unless you are scheduled to another location

Resource Center

  • Use an inside voice
  • Climb carefully up and down lofts/ladders
  • Put materials away after using them
  • Remain working in your designated spot

On the Way to School and Home

  • School begins promptly at 8:37 A.M. Please do not arrive on school grounds before 8:20 A.M. or 12:17 P.M. if you go home for lunch.
  • When arriving at school in the morning before 8:37A.M., students must go to the following areas:
    • Kindergarten: stone bench by front door
    • 1st Grade: Play lot on west side of school
    • 2nd to 4th Grade: Play lot in back of school
  • "Early birds" need to follow grade level instructions
  • Know which entrance to use when entering the building
  • Obey and be polite to the crossing guard
  • Cross streets at corners; cross Willow Road only at the school corner where the crossing guard stands. Before and after school, cross Glendale only with the crossing guards at Glendale and Willow and Glendale and Mt. Pleasant
  • Stay off lawns of houses while walking to school
  • Use the passenger side to get in and out of cars. DO NOT walk in the Circle

On the School Bus

  • Obey and be polite to the bus driver
  • Remain seated when the bus is moving; do not stand up
  • Do not put head or arms out of bus windows
  • Use a polite voice


  • Know and obey the Winnetka bicycle laws. Only students in 3rd and 4th grade may ride bicycles to school
  • Bicycles MUST BE WALKED on school grounds. Bikes must be placed in bike racks nearest your classroom
  • Bicycles must be walked on the sidewalk along the Glendale Ave. side of the school. NEVER in the street
  • Children who ride bicycles are to wear a helmet and any other protective equipment
  • Roller blades should be removed before coming on to school grounds
  • Skateboards ARE NOT PERMITTED on school grounds
  • Scooters must be collapsed and carried on school grounds