Trimester One - Building Our Community

Advisory is off to an exciting start as the students work on the trimester one theme of “Building Our Community.”  Students in advisory will focus on establishing and maintaining healthy relationships among their peers, as well as with their advisor.  During the first trimester your child will participate in activities such as, but not limited to,  “Summer Share,” “The Question Ball Game,” “Find Someone Who,” “Time Capsule Creation,” and “If I had a Wish.”

Students will also plan Autumnfest booths and prepare for conferences during their time in advisory.

All of these types of activities will foster a strong sense of community within the advisory and team; they also encourage each student to make progress toward individual growth while developing a deep understanding of his/her role in a democratic society. 

Throughout the entire year, advisory will focus on our 4 R’s: Relationships, Responsibility, Resilience, and Reflection.  Try adding these words to your conversations at home! 

Here’s to “Building Our Community” during trimester one!

– The Advisory Committee


What is Happening in Advisory?


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and Character Development Learning Opportunities

Community Resources

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Bridges Committee

Mission Statement

The Bridges Committee supports the Washburne Community in further developing an environment that encourages respectful relationships, taking responsibility for oneself and others, honesty, excellence and life-long learning.

Members of the Bridges Committee

Amy James - Parent Rep                                                                                                                                               

Ellen Malone - Parent Rep

Ed Dunkelblau - Charmm’d Coach

Andy Becker

Barb Caines - Mentor

Kristin Cioffi

Maureen Etter

Candice Florance

Debbie Kahn

Stephanie Lubin

Amy Markos

Colin Quillivan - Psychology Intern

Cathy Rosen - Principal

Liz Saule

Tracy Silverman

Josh Swanner