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School Board

The School Board of The Winnetka Public Schools is comprised of seven members elected by the Community, to fulfill its powers and duties on behalf of the District. Click here to read current member biographies. These powers and duties include the authority to adopt, enforce, and monitor all policies for the management and governance of the District's schools i.e., approving the ongoing expenditures/budget/long range plan, and hiring and evaluating the Superintendent. The links to the left will provide access to additional information.

Information about School Board Meetings
School Board meetings are established in compliance with Illinois School Code, The Open Meetings Act, and Public Policy. It is required that board discussion be held in public and board action taken in public. The Open Meetings Act provides authorized exceptions to this requirement, which allows the Board to close a meeting to the public. However, closing a meeting still necessitates providing notice of its purpose and requires any final actions be taken during open session. Regular meetings are typically held August through June on the third or fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:15 p.m. Click here to access the approved 2017-2018 School Board Regular Meeting Calendar.