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About the School

Carleton Washburne School is a seventh and eighth grade middle school with approximately 500 students. The original campus was built in 1969 with several renovations and additions, the most recent completed in 2009.

Washburne consists of five teaching teams. Seventh and eight graders are on each team and loop with those team teachers for the two years. Within their teams, students are divided into advisories. These advisories are made up of approximately 15 students and one teacher. The advisory serves as a "home base" for each student as well as a place to develop socially, emotionally, and academically. More information about our advisory program is located under the "classes" tab on our web site.

Washburne is organized around a cooperative teaching program based in four basic areas of study: language arts, social studies, mathematics and science. The educational program, while focusing on the individual child, emphasizes the critical relationship among these areas of study.

Our extensive electives program and top notch Kinetic Wellness program round off the whole child experience. Students choose each year from an array of electives in the arts, technology, and foreign language (Spanish and French). The Kinetic Wellness program is focused on assisting students in developing physical and emotional well being, embracing the role of effort and self esteem as well as the role of play and exploration. A cadre of afterschool clubs and athletics are also available for students and are described more fully under the "Student" tab on our web site.

We also house tremendous band, orchestra and choral programs for our 7th and 8th grade students. The instrumental music curriculum works in conjunction with the general music curriculum to give students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of musical styles and historical periods through performance opportunities and study of musical concepts. Several outstanding performances are held throughout the year.

Finally, a dedicated staff is here to support the various learning needs of all students. Our teaching staff works very closely with our support staff to communicate needs, identify supports, and ensure student growth in all areas.

"As each child is a new creation, as life is ever growing, so must education, if it is to nourish the living child be it ever developing, never finished."
- Carleton W. Washburne, 1889-1968