• Dear Families, Staff, and Community Members,

     I appreciate our entire community’s efforts to support a successful launch to our 2021-2022 school year. We were grateful to welcome many of you to our Go-to-School Nights this month to further our families’ connection with our teachers. Additionally, we continue to benefit from beautiful weather and learning opportunities outdoors - a beneficial outcome of learning during the pandemic.

     I am dedicating this first issue of the Winnetka Wire of the school year to the District’s new Portrait of a Graduate. The Portrait of a Graduate was designed specifically for our District to communicate the unique characteristics, skill sets, and mindsets we strive to develop in every learner. This is one important product of our Strategic Planning process that was co-facilitated by a national partner, Battelle for Kids.

     The competencies in the Portrait of a Graduate define a successful Winnetka Experience for our students and will prepare them to thrive as learners and leaders in the world. The Portrait was developed by a team of approximately 60 students, staff, parents, community leaders, and alumni who helped inform our Strategic Plan. The Portrait of a Graduate is now used by the District in planning student experiences and communicating the "why" behind important activities and projects. We are also proud of our collaboration with New Trier High School and our alignment with their Portrait of a Graduate, supporting continuity for our students.

     Whether this is a student’s first year in the District or their last before graduation, we are confident that they will benefit from our commitment to develop these characteristics. Our educators are committed to fostering these competencies and we trust our community--which has a proud legacy of supporting Progressive Education--will continue to do so as well.

    We look forward to communicating progress toward our Portrait of a Graduate to you throughout the school year.


    Dr. Trisha Kocanda