K-4 Remote Learning

  • Schedules for Elementary 

    Each schedule reflects our best effort to meet the challenges of flexibly adapting to a new learning environment while providing a sense of community and connectedness for students and their families. 
    K-4 Elementary (PDF/Screencast)
    April 2020 Remote Learning Calendar (K-4)
    You will note that we have added a special Grey Day once a week for all students, beginning on Monday, April 13.  Grey Days were added to the schedule to achieve the following:
    • Provide all students with common, theme-based activities designed to be accessible to the whole family. For example, our first Grey Day on April 13 is focused on the theme of Gratitude. There will be opportunities for students to do this work independently as well as with family members...More to come on this!
    • Add time for students to engage in independent work and to catch up on assignments/projects. We know families are facing a variety of challenges and constraints that can add to student stress. Providing this flexible time for students will allow them to catch up or explore deeper as needed. 
    • Afford teachers common time to prioritize curricular objectives across the District for consistency and alignment.  Moreover, a high degree of teacher collaboration will also ensure smooth transition and articulation to the next grade level. 
    Elementary Schedules → School Days are listed as Grey Days or Regular Remote Learning Days
    • On Regular days, time is designated during the blocks for remote learning activities. These activities may include a variety of instructional methods ranging from pre-recorded (asynchronous lessons), live classroom discussions, digital learning applications to hands-on activities. 
    • Grey Days are explained above.
    Advisory/Morning Meeting Expectations
    • We have heard from students, staff, and parents about the importance of peer-to-peer and student-teacher connection during this time, especially as it relates to everyone's social-emotional health and well-being.  Therefore, all classroom teachers will schedule at least three synchronous meetings per week for all grades except kindergarten.  

March 16-20

  • Learning Menu Example

Instructional Delivery Methods

  • The following is a list of district-approved instructional delivery methods:

    • SeeSaw/Google Classroom (learning management and content delivery system)

    • Google Hangout Meet/ZOOM! (web-based conference tool)

    • Email

    • Phone

Web-based Resources

Special Education Services

  • The Department of Student Services would like to assure parents that special education staff members have focused their time on the development of flexible learning options for students with IEPs. We recognize the importance of continuing to provide special education services to our students who require this support to access the core curriculum. Now more than ever, schools need to be focused on the importance of providing an appropriate, accessible, accommodated educational program to all students in light of their current circumstances. 

    We would like to assure parents that their children's IEPs will be implemented in this new context as reasonably as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, related services within a student's IEP.  Please note that the provision of special education support during remote learning will not be exactly the same as it would have been had schools remained open.

    Students will receive some direct instruction and will also be completing activities independently with support from associates and special education staff. Students will have access to their case manager and any related service provider who has provided services as indicated on his or her IEP. Case managers will check in with students and reach out to parents weekly.  Most special education instruction will be asynchronous in nature. Some instruction may be synchronous (meaning live) for particular therapies, however, not all services can be provided in this fashion.  If students are asked to participate in any specialized group therapy, parental consent will be required.  

    Please know that our goal is to help each of your children be successful as a remote learner with the support of their special education teacher and/or related services provider.

    Questions?  Contact Beth Martin    bethmartin@winnetka36.org