Remote Learning in District 36

  • Remote Learning (eLearning) in District 36

    The goal of eLearning is to provide schools with uninterrupted opportunities for teaching and learning even when a school closure is necessary. We recognize, however, that an eLearning day is a unique and new experience for everyone. Each of us will continue to partner to make the time as meaningful and relevant for students as possible. This is our first time implementing this plan, so please be patient and understanding.  Together, we will continue to evaluate the process and initiate any needed improvements along the way. Please use our help desk to report any issues or questions you might have about e-learning.

    We are pleased to provide the following guidance to assist in your understanding. During eLearning days, our families/students will receive daily communication from their classroom teachers (Elementary school) or team leader (Middle School) by 9:00 am. Below are some details of what an eLearning day includes in District 36: 

    1. An eLearning day, per Illinois State Board of Education guidelines, is to include 5 hours of instructional time-on-task. We understand that 5 hours for one student isn’t going to be equal to five hours for another student. Please know that our teachers are sensitive to student workload and will be mindful of planning for all students. This time can include a number of activities such as reading, using online tools, researching, completing practice assignments, watching educational videos, and more. These are the types of tasks teachers will be providing for students. While some assignments may require the use of a device, teachers will also provide balance by including offline learning opportunities. 
    2. Students (and families) can expect to receive information about assignments from their classroom teachers each eLearning day.  This will come by 9:00 am.

    3. Families are welcome to support their child with assigned tasks; however, teachers will be available from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm to provide assistance. Teachers will provide their email and any other contact information when they communicate about the assignments.

    4. Students may use any device to participate in the eLearning day(s). For students in grades 5-8, The Winnetka Public Schools provided iPads are preferred, as this will provide access to the appropriate digital tools.

    5. Families who do not have access to wifi or a device at home, please contact the District at 847.501.2683 for options.  We will ensure our students have what they need to participate in e-learning.

    6. Students who receive special education services, per an Individualized Education Program (IEP), will receive additional guidance from their case manager. Special Education teachers will be available to support students during eLearning days and will also provide instructional activities for students who do not regularly access the general education curriculum. For related services, therapists will provide instructional activities that support concepts addressed in therapy sessions.  This will include opportunities for a review of materials already introduced or opportunities for enrichment activities.

    7. Tech support will be available via our District Tech Team and Technology Integration Specialists (TIS) throughout the day via phone from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, 847.501.2683, and our help desk throughout the day.  We will do our best to respond to help tickets in a timely fashion, however, requests submitted in the evening hours may not get a response until the morning.

    eLearning Days FAQs