Concussions and Head Injuries

  • Board Policy

    On June 8, 2016, The School Board adopted Policy 7:305 Student Athlete and Concussions and Head Injury, which directs the Superintendent to prepare for full implementation of the Youth Concussion Safety Act and directs The School Board to appoint or approve members of a Concussion Oversight Team for the District. 

    Concussion Oversight Team

    The Youth Concussion Act specifies that members of the Oversight Team consist of a physician, athletic trainer and/or nurse, and at a minimum, one person who is responsible for implementing and complying with the return-to-play and return-to-learn protocols. The Team, approved by The School Board at its meeting on August 16, 2016, includes Community Member Volunteer and Neurosurgeon, Dr. Richard Fessler, Washburne Principal, Dave Kanne, Washburne Ahtletic Director, Andy Becker, Director of Student Services, Beth Martin, and Executive Assistant to Superintendent and School Board, Linda Wehrheim.

    The following materials have been approved by the Oversight Team to be implemented in full compliance with The Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act and School Board Policy. When registering for after school sports classes, clubs and teams, students and their parents/guardians must acknowledge that they received and read written information explaining concussion prevention, symptoms, treatment, and oversight that includes guidelines for safely resuming participation in activities following a concussion.

    Parent/Student Concussion Fact Sheet

    Parent/Student Concussion 101, A Primer for Kids and Parents
    Includes Return-to-Play and Return-to-Learn Protocols

    Parent Notification of Head Injury
    Includes: Observable Signs and Physician Diagnosis Form including Return-to-Play and Return-to-Learn Protocols.

    Parent/Physician Consent Form
    Post-concussion consent form to Return To Play (RTP) and Return To Learn (RTL).

    For more information on concussions: