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Meghan Warner

Thank you for visiting our classroom site! The students have engaged in a project we're calling Genius Hour this year. From the very first week of school, students have been gathering information about a topic of choice. Topics range from general interests to hobbies to big wonderings. Each student has a unique topic, and their research journey has been unique as well. As students gathered information, they allowed the research to dictate their next moves. This took many of them on a journey that is deeper than anything they thought they'd reach with their initial research questions!

Before we went to winter break, students engaged in an investigation of blogs created by students around the world. They analyzed blogs for the aspects they liked and didn't like. We had discussions about what makes a great blog and what to avoid. Students began to generate ideas for their own blogs based on the work of these other bloggers.

After break, we came together again to engage in a brainstorming activity about types of blog posts. Students generated a list of over fifty types of posts that might be interesting to read. They individually created a list of possible posts that would make sense for the research they gathered. Then they worked in small groups to get feedback and ideas for their own blogs. 

The blogs you will visit are completely student driven. They continue to do research to enhance their blog posts, and they are learning as they go about blogging. Please take the time to leave comments on their blogs. This will help them see the impact their blogs are making, and it will reinforce the idea that blogs are communication tools. We look forward to this journey into the world of blogging!