Grade 6 Materials

  • The core set of materials used to support the Winnetka mathematics curriculum in Grade 6 is the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP). CMP1 and CMP2 materials have been used at Skokie since 2005. The 3rd edition was adopted in 2015, following a comprehensive pilot study.

    The key components of CMP are its research-based emphasis on developing computational fluency with both whole and rational numbers alongside reasoning and sense-making skills. This results in students who are strong mathematical thinkers. The program’s integration of the mathematical practices promotes mathematically proficient students who are strong problem solvers with the ability to communicate, support, and defend their mathematical thinking.

    The following is a summary of CMP, as found on their website:

    The National Science Foundation funded the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) at Michigan State University between 1991 and 1997. The result was Connected Mathematics, a complete mathematics curriculum for Grades 6, 7, and 8. CMP helps students develop an understanding of important concepts, skills, and ways of thinking and reasoning—in number, geometry, measurement, algebra, probability, and statistics. In 2000, the National Science Foundation funded a revision of the Connected Mathematics materials, CMP2, to take advantage of findings during six years of classroom use.

    In 2012, the same authorship team created the next generation of the Connected Mathematics Projects—CMP3. This new curriculum aligns the program’s existing rigor and emphasis on constructing viable arguments to the Common Core Standards. CMP3 enhances its problem-based, interactive curriculum with digital instructional tools and content.

    The overarching goal of Connected Mathematics 3 is to help students develop mathematical knowledge, conceptual understanding, and procedural skills, along with an awareness of the rich connections between math topics—across grades and across content areas. 

    Teachers further support students’ mathematics learning with a variety of supplementary materials which may include: