• Beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, District 36 began a STEAM initiative at Hubbard Woods School (K-4), The Skokie School (5-6), and Carleton Washburne (7-8).   At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Greeley School and Crow Island School launched their STEAM spaces.

    What is STEAM?

    STEAM education is an approach to teaching and learning that integrates the content and skills of science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and the design thinking process.*  The Winnetka Public Schools believes that including the Arts offers a more holistic approach to engage all students and aligns with our Progressive Education Philosophy. STEAM initiatives sometimes referred to as MakerSpaces, have begun to surface in schools worldwide. The Winnetka Public Schools is committed to being a leader in STEAM education by developing innovative environments for STEAM programs to flourish in each District school.  

    Why STEAM?

    Students are encouraged to dream big, wonder, explore, and problem-solve together.  The skills taught and lessons learned in our STEAM spaces will prepare our students emotionally and socially to participate in a global, collaborative economy.  When you enter our STEAM spaces you will witness experiential learning in action, with students working independently and in small groups with robotics, game design, simulations, construction, circuitry, 3D printing, and design challenges.   Our STEAM teachers serve as facilitators of learning, coaching students through each step of the design thinking process. Students focus on developing critical workplace skills such as collaborating as team members, creatively solving complex problems, communicating effectively and appropriately, and thinking critically.

    The Winnetka Public Schools has been honored to have over 100 educators from around the country visit our STEAM spaces.  If you are interested in learning more about our initiative and visiting our schools, PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM to request a site visit or follow our STEAM environments via social media.

    Carleton Washburne

    STEAM Space - CW CoLab: A collaborative MakerSpace
    Social Media -
    Facilitators - Timothy Selgrat • Eric Chan • Katie Nelson

    Hubbard Woods School

    STEAM Space - The IDEA Lab
    Social Media - @MrBillySpicer
    Facilitators - Liz Delzell • Billy Spicer • Amy Trogdon

    The Skokie School

    STEAM Space - Skokie MakerPlaces
    Social Media - @todd_burleson@SKmakers36@MsGWTech@edtechboyer
    Facilitators - Todd Burleson • Gina Wild • Matt Boyer

    Crow Island School

    STEAM Space - TBD
    Social Media - @CrowislandRC • @abanasTIS
    Facilitators - Mindy Maneck • Amy Banas • Karen Gullen

    Greeley School

    STEAM Space - TBD
    Social Media - @christiechandlr • @GreeleyTech
    Facilitators - Christie Chandler • Jeff Weir • Collin Souter