District Speech-Language Services for Preschool-Aged Children

  • District families with children ages 3, 4 or 5 years old who are concerned regarding their child’s speech and/or language development may request an early childhood screening. For more information about screenings, please see this page. Screenings are offered once a trimester and are completed by District special education staff members. Results from this screening will determine if further evaluation is warranted. If your child qualifies for speech-language services, a schedule of available times for these services will be made available. Preschool Speech-Language Services may address deficits or delays in:

    1. Articulation/Phonological Processes – a child’s speech is difficult to understand by adults or peers, as the child has challenges producing sounds in an age appropriate manner. This may be expressed through behavior that includes frustration or limited interaction with peers.
    2. Receptive Language – a child may have difficulty listening to and comprehending classroom or home activities and directions. This may include difficulty following one and two step directions and understanding information or stories that are presented.
    3. Expressive Language – a child may have difficulty retelling their everyday experiences in a developmentally organized manner using correct word order. Communication during play or games and interactive story telling may also be affected and possibly separate the child socially from their peers.
    4. Vocabulary – a child with limited vocabulary of nouns, verbs, and descriptive words may have difficulty labeling and remembering names of people and everyday objects, toys, etc.
    5. Basic Language Concepts – a child may struggle in playgroups or the preschool environment when not being able to use language that explains differences, location, position and relationships correctly.
    6. Other areas supported include stuttering and vocal quality issues.

    If you have questions about the evaluation process or supports/services that may be available for your preschool-aged child, please contact: Beth MartinDirector of Student Services 847-446-9400